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Supplier Due Diligence


The purpose of the Due Diligence review is to ensure that Suppliers of materials, equipment or services to Kinross are appropriately reviewed from a commercial perspective prior to TMLSA entering into any business relationship with that Supplier. The focus of such reviews is to determine if the Supplier is likely to be a reliable business partner for Kinross and confirm that it conducts itself in a manner consistent with Kinross Supplier Standards of Conduct.

Approved Supplier:

Supply Chain maintains a single, global, Approved List of Suppliers that have been reviewed and determined to be a reliable business partner for Kinross from a commercial perspective in accordance with the Due Diligence requirements.
This is acheved by performing a pre-qualification audits, completion of questionnaires and potenially a Supplier premisies visit which must be completed before a supplier is engaged to perfrom business with TMLSA.

Why we do it:

The Supplier pre-qualification and due-diligence process is important for TMLSA as it helps us identify possible risks and allows us to take mitigation measures as necessary.
Prospective suppliers will receive a pre-qualification letter and questionnaire that outlines our expectations and highlights our engagement process.

Download the Supplier Due Diligence Questionnaire:

  • document pdf - Supplier Due Diligence Questionnaire -